A Great Life

I may never have a poem
in a major anthology or in a
prestigious literary magazine
but today a poem of mine is
folded up in one of the
back pockets of the state
poet laureate's jeans and
all I can think is Is this
a great life or what?

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About the Author

Bill McCloud’s poetry book, The Smell of the Light: Vietnam, 1968-1969 (Balkan Press), reached #1 on the "Oklahoma Best-Sellers" List (The Oklahoman). Most recently his poems have appeared in Oklahoma Today, Oklahoma English Journal, NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal, Tejascovido, and The Coronameron. He has a poem in the new anthology Bull Buffalo and Indian Paintbrush: The Poetry of Oklahoma (TJMF Publishing), edited by Ron Wallace. Counted among the fans of his poetry are songwriters Graham Nash and Jimmy Webb.

Bill McCloud
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