December and Everything After

You are in the savor of night’s tempted mouth
open for swallowing dreams

for I may not survive this wave
any more than you have already swum

but I am calling out –
moon, may you release morning?

light’s favor is what I need
for tonight, is the end – the dead end
I have been waiting for

and you,
I call you december
for you are too winter to refuse
and everything has already crystallized.

you were the never-ending story I’d call out to
for tales told/retold faintly true
but my mercy has run dry –

in the morning I expect a clear sky
the sun is waiting
for me and
rising for everything after you

is this the game of surrender?

if it is, then I am the white rose you once held
in soft hands, and now
an incomplete unfolding.

I feel you
crawl close
to look for me in hibernation,

but I will not tempt night
or you.

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About the Author

​simóne j banks is a writer and English instructor at Louisiana State University where she earned her MFA in creative writing in poetry. She is researching and writing her first collection of stories. 

simone j. banks
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