Door Opening

“Open the door,” says my guiding one,
Keep opening.
Let in the tiny feathers, the snowflakes, and the fog.
Let in the quiet of wet pine needles, standing herons,
and the gazes of newborn babes.
Let in the multitudes.
Oh, abundance, yes, multiplicity,
thousands of whelk eggs, of sand grains,
and mud dragons beneath.
World within world within world.
Let in the vastness, the closeness, the
endless paradox.
Let it in and let it out again,
the other side,
share the bounty.
Open the door and stand back
as it pours on through,
far beyond what can be named.

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About the Author

Beverly Gordon is a writer, a visual artist, and workshop leader who has long been passionate about “deep seeing” and helping people appreciate both the material and inner, intuitive worlds. She was a professor of Design Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for nearly 30 years, specializing in people’s relationships with art, designed environments, and everyday objects. Her books can be found on Amazon.

Beverly Gordon
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