Dorothy Pillories a Kipling Translator to Her Idea of Regina

(During the first day of the Brazilian Association of Comparative Literature’s 11th Conference. São Paulo, Brazil. July 2008)

If what I crave
gives as all
what-ifs bear nev
er-will’s still
born iffy grave,

then ditch Rudyard
& manhood's
écrits du cul
(if's kiss-to-
tell), dear; & plead

our ifs reach
love of myself
or you, enough
or too much.

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Laurence Foshee is a born and raised Tulsa, Oklahoman with poetry and prose in Dragon Poet Review, The Drabble, and The Tulsa Review. He is currently hard at work on a narrative sonnet project as well as a prosimetrum collection.

Laurence Foshee
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