Drinking Alone

When the sound of laughter stops
And the frolicking shadows shimmer
I ask the walls to call my name
The faded hum of my daydream says
I must drink alone tonight

But my shadow is companion
And the walls echo my words
The blaring wind and leaking rain
We form a voice to sing a song
Our cries are heard by the heavens

Oh, if silence can sing with me
And my empty room can dance
I’ll accompany them with my strongest drink
Because forgotten memories do not belong
In a night that once was mine

Though the sound of laughter stopped
And the fading shadows shimmered
I heard the walls call my name
And the drifting rain falls in this night
They’ve come to see old friends again

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About the Author

Fred Yu writes fiction in the Asian Fantasy Martial Arts epic genre. He is a filmmaker, chef, Feng Shui practitioner, martial artist, and for over a decade was a risk manager in Citigroup. Yu’s first publication, The Legend of Snow Wolf, was published by China Books in 2012, followed by a cookbook in 2017, Haute Tea Cuisine. A martial arts instructional book on his knife system, Yin Yang Blades, was recently released in May 2018. His next novel, The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice, is pending publication in January of 2021. Yu is currently a full-time writer and lives in New York City.

Fred Yu
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