Flowers of the Prairie

I saw your face on a clear night,
across the plains of Texas.

You shown so brightly
that the night looked like
a tempest in the afternoon.
I wandered out to survey you in nothing by my slip,
a shawl around my shoulders.
And you kissed
my face and chest with bright light,
beams of brilliance
from on high.
You were the season of newness after death
had crept in all around me.
after the plague had rained down.

You rose,
you bloomed,
you lit up the land.
Cleansed our stagnant imaginations,
cleared out past prejudices
to render our consciences clean.

You rose,
you bloomed,
the flower moon,
looking bigger than ever,
deep in the heart of the limitless sky.

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About the Author

While I have worked as a freelance writer for brands and creative agencies for over a decade, I’ve been writing poetry on my own since I was 10. After spending about 12 years on the East Coast—Western Massachusetts and Brooklyn—I moved back to my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma to enjoy a slower pace of life. I still write for brands like Deathwish Coffee and Wldkt, while drafting my own poems and essays, and I currently have 2 books in the works. Writing is just one of those things I do, and I sincerely hope my work resonates with you.