I Bring You a Beet

It is the planet’s heart
dipped in roses. The first
bite will be hard, your mouth
ruby with effort, but sweet
with secrets like creases
in lips or folded gowns.
Let its juice drip
into your palm.
The color is fierce,
bold as you want to be.
As you expect to live.
Eat it all.
Lick your fingers
if you like.

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Carolyn Dahl

Carolyn Dahl was the Grand Prize winner in the national 2015 Public Poetry/MFAH poetry competition ARTlines2 and a finalist in the Work-Themed poetry contest and the 2018 Malovhr-Fenlon contest. Her essays and poems have been published in 25 anthologies and in various literary journals. She is the co-author of The Painted Door Opened, received grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts, fellowships to Hedgebrook and the Writer's Colony @Dairy Hollow, and won a finalist award from PEN Texas in nonfiction

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