I Miss the Fuzzy Dice

The car pulls up
and I’d see them, hanging there
an announcement
from the driver: I take chances
and I want the whole world to know.
I’d cringe, knowing I could never
be friends with them—those people,
and their cheap, messy lives.
something else hangs there,
something ominous,
something divisive,
and I yearn for the dice,
and the people who once hung them there.

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About the Author

Jackie Cruz-Wagener writes fiction, essays, and poetry. Despite having a doctorate in social welfare, Jackie has found something else she loves to do more—write. Jackie has served as a judge for the Daphne du Maurier writing contest, started a group for writers to connect with writers, and formed a monthly book club. She received her first rejection letter when she was ten from Highlights for Children, but she didn’t let that stop her from writing. Jackie lives with her husband and two kids in south Florida where she is working on her debut novel.

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