Ode to a Coffee Table at Whitty Books

You support and you separate as spaces do or need;
You’re drawn upon—not with pen; upon your function—
not that first glancing line that’s skewed aim at vantablack.
In a day’s 1/96th among craftwork your function’s drawn

in vein of Bertrand Russell’s silver-tonguing coffeetabled
ontology, upon fine-tuned platonic smoothing or
explosive finality of words in books stacked atop surface,
surfaces I’ve yet to trek within. You uphold prismatic car keys,

off-gray polypropylene mug’s game with refraction, distillation
of light sharpening, “Number 2 Pencils Up & Up.” A blither, yet
most fraught, direction for thought. A cohabited 900 seconds to
confine madness and form and formal madness, as all person-

hood’s products are. You’re resting’s referent-- but it’s reticent
“I” who is casted by and rests on your shadows and laurels,
is it not? I who lies and steals the phrasal show of owning lack;
and I abandon and dust-heap as matter tends toward or denies.

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Laurence Foshee

Laurence Foshee is a born and raised Tulsa, Oklahoman with poetry and prose in Dragon Poet Review and The Drabble. His 2017 versiprose collection Madrugada is available on Amazon. In his free time he trains for ultramarathons and occasional summer bicycle journeys. You can find the link to his website below.

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