Of Hilltops and Valleys

I wish for a spring of cool mountain air
To lift my hair like a maenad’s
To make my fingertips cool and fresh
To drizzle my face with mist

I wish for the breeze to blow through the strands
And tingle my skin
With tenderness kissed

I wish for the dew
With the wind on its back
To spritz my soul... my self... me
To wash off the tarnish of worry and strife
To renew… to refresh my life

I wish for the misty cool mountains
To gaze over hills and plains
To watch clouds unfurl
Sailing through sky
Caressing tree tops
Swirling and twirling
Through flower strewn paths

I wish for the ethereal enchantment
Of firefly nights and valleys
Moon beams
Charmed by velvet sky
Heart on the sleeve

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About the Author

Deepa Thomas Davy has served many years as an educator. Her academic credentials include 3 undergraduate degrees. After several years of enriching work experience in the field of education, she was inspired to further her own studies and succeeded in earning her postgraduate degree in English Language and Literature. Deepa finds freedom in writing and creating her own work. Her main inspiration comes from nature and she is drawn to its raw energy and ethereal beauty. She believes in appreciating the simple joys of life, living in the present and cherishing each moment.