Prayer for My Son

My son
By Daddy Death & Dyslexia,
Has come roaring back
Searching for his dream.

His sweetness, brightness & earnestness
Shines through his cobalt gaze.
I am by his side, a witness,
Primping & Pruning,
His adjectives and pronouns,
So he tells the stories that resonate
With the college buzzards,
Who are searching for the difference
In the studious indifferent.

Oh father in the sky,
Guide admissions,
Guide your son,
To his most excellent
Salient solution.

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About the Author

Published in Mr. Beller's Neighborhood 2010, Thin Thread Stories: Mother & Grandmothers (Kiwi Publishing) 2011, Fiction Fix Issue 9 - 2011 and The St. Petersburg Review 2011-12. Memoirs include, Letters to my Mother (but really for my father) and Love Sex Death Betrayal. Kate won Fiction Fix's Issue 9 Editor's Choice Award. She was also nominated for the 2011 Pushcart Prize / 2011 Sundress Publication's Best of the Net Award for Dessert & Sudden Death by Fiction Fix.

Kate Kaiser
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