Snow Moon

It’s still a December’s Winter Moon - - -
we so often forget the times we hold most dear.

It should be our time right now ~
whenever I see you, whenever I feel you, whenever I hear you.

It’s all remembered
underneath a December Snow Moon.

Fall is turning into winter underneath this December Moon.
There is full light now in brand new moon beams.

I remember you – all by nightfall underneath a full December’s Winter Moon.

And we, between the shores of fast-moving river currents,
alongside night-black hillsides and moving through black shadowed branches.

Waters bathed in moon beams,
trees hanging over the waters
And me ducking down
to miss the next branch
as we paddled like we knew where we were going.

Trying to find the right home shore,
trying to find our way, down the blackest river.

Then we saw refuge
gleaming in the light through the darkest of night.

In that moment,
I knew you and you knew me.

We made it through, together,
underneath a December Moon.

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I am a beginning author, writer and poet exploring the worlds of poetry, nature and photography. I love to capture ordinary moments and reflect upon our natural world and its intersection with our daily life. In 2006, I co-founded the Shadowleaves Company and started my blog, Shadowleaves. In 2015, I started a local writer’s group in Bella Vista, AR, Village Lake Writers & Poets, sponsored by The Artist Retreat Center and Bella Vista Public Library. Our mission is to share the joy of writing and the importance of writing and telling stories for all ages by connecting with each other.

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