Springtime On Lake Coronado

Mother Nature spreads her wings 
over Lake Coronado in the spring.
With dog at my side,
we follow the rocky pine-shaded path.
Squirrels and chipmunks 
skitter up trees.
Birds sing lullabies 
in newly decorated treetop condos
bursting with pink and white window shades.
Buddy’s ears stand at attention. 
His nose wiggles
as he investigates every movement,
every scent along the path.
We round a corner and
step into the sunlight.
Buddy races toward a gaggle of geese 
enjoying the sun on his shore.
Long ears flap in the wind 
as he chases the intruders.
We sit on a bench, 
breathe deep 
and gaze at the view 
that renews us each spring.
Yellow pollen, 
like microscopic snow, 
lands gently on the water
and is whipped against the rocks 
forming a yellow caution line 
around the lake.
Spiders work overtime 
to weave intricate works of art 
glimmering in the sunlight.
Boat docks, 
hibernating during winter, 
come to life,
spitting out boats 
that putter through glassy water
sending waves 
to play tag with the shore.
Like energetic children at recess,
the waves slap the rocks 
and run away as if to say
chase me, chase me, it’s spring.
In the shadows of the pines,
fishermen cast hope
and wait for the big one.
Mother Nature spreads her wings 
over Lake Coronado in the spring.

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About the Author

Co-Director of Carousel Theater, Workshops for Seniors, co-wrote and co-directed Titanic and SpeakEasily. She's performed at the Pocket Community Theater and the Woodlands in Hot Springs Village and received awards from the Arkansas Writers’ Conference and the Ozark Creative Writers’ Conference. She's written and co-written short plays for Readers’ Theater, and writes short stories and longer fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She's served as a past President of the Village Writers’ Club, Volunteer Coordinator for an Omaha hospital, newspaper reporter, and tax preparer.