The Lover

I have cringed at your deformed nose,
And flinched from your bulging eyes,
I did wince from your disfigured smile,
And quivered from your eerie voice.

Yet I sought comfort in that twisted nose,
And found life from the piercing eyes,
I’ve drawn hope from the crooked smile,
And held desire in that hellish voice.

The world taunts me for loving you,
For you are the most beautiful woman to me.

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About the Author

Fred Yu writes fiction in the Asian Fantasy Martial Arts epic genre. He is a filmmaker, chef, Feng Shui practitioner, martial artist, and for over a decade was a risk manager in Citigroup. Yu’s first publication, The Legend of Snow Wolf, was published by China Books in 2012, followed by a cookbook in 2017, Haute Tea Cuisine. A martial arts instructional book on his knife system, Yin Yang Blades, was recently released in May 2018. His next novel, The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice, is pending publication in January of 2021. Yu is currently a full-time writer and lives in New York City.

Fred Yu
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