This Winter, the Ozarks Turned Off Hot

Women don’t sweat, they glow.
said my Auntie, who died at seventy,
a spinster who only had one lover—

This winter, the cold is sporadic.
This winter everyone sweats.
My old Auntie would be shocked.

When folks talk about
“the wisdom of age,”
they should be talking about
“the wisdom of persistence,”

tenacity being more useful
than understanding,
which barely comes to us at all
no matter our age.

a version in Unlikely Stories

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About the Author

Wendy Taylor Carlisle lives and writes with both feet in the Arkansas Ozarks. She is the author of four books: Reading Berryman to the Dog (2000), Discount Fireworks (2008), The Mercy of Traffic (2019) and On the Way to the Promised Land Zoo (2019) and five chapbooks.

Wendy Taylor Carlisle
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