Double-faced, someone stares at me
What a non-pleasant face of mine
Who am I, after all?
Am I the one who fell in love with Venus?
Look at me! You ought to find myself

I see people gathering around
I see such a great disaster coming in
I see people gathering around
Is it all about me?
I must be unique; just unmatched to this world of theirs
Pardon me, shall I promote a riot right now

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About the Author

Pedro Lino is one of those "nefelibata" kids: that person who lives introverted within their own imagination. Mostly, a polyglot who doesn't speak all that often. In the end, he's nothing but a writer. Still, he occasionally tries to stop writing, but just can't. You may find him daydreaming all along.

Pedro Henrique da Silva Lino
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