A Sketch on My First Writers’ Workshop, for V.

Voice and mood yoke
In wintry dusk
Cut from pen’s smoke.

This is our task,
Oh lost Plains child
Reaped from rhyme’s husk:

Inter one wild
Agon, one cheap
Mood and voice styled

Courtly—or leap,
Roe, torn to weep

This dazed season
Out in bone broke
Ripeness of moon.

(A Dimeter Terza Rima Acrostic)

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About the Author

Laurence Foshee is a born and raised Tulsa, Oklahoman with poetry and prose in Dragon Poet Review, The Drabble, and The Tulsa Review. He is currently hard at work on a narrative sonnet project as well as a prosimetrum collection.

Laurence Foshee
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