I Am a Survivor

Oh yes, I know, I’ve shed a tear.
Alone, upset, concern, some fear.
Yet, all my years my feelings clear
Exists a Godly presence here.
His love displayed, so many ways.
A crescent moon, those dazzling days.
Exquisite flowers from His own hand.
They’re God’s bouquet from His own land.
So much beauty in my life.
But most of all a husband’s wife.
It is His plan I will be healed.
For by his love, completely sealed.
Oh yes, I know, I have to cry
But God’s great love will wipe it dry.

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Ray Shermer

Ray spent 21 years in radio broadcasting followed by 27 years as a real estate appraiser. He taught real estate appraisal at the University of Missouri, Ozarks Technical Community College and St. Charles Community College. Ray loves writing and always has. After Ray retired he attained the Certificate in Higher Education in Creative Writing from Oxford University in the UK. Writing short stories for the Certificate was exciting especially since he was in his seventies. How many people do you know have done that? Since then the genre has become his obsession and he loves to write them often.

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