Mountainburg 12-27-17

Not a thing lies hidden
behind the bare branch –
the days before emergent buds.
Sycamores silver and white
golden autumn cast to the ground.

White limbs reaching to the sky, seeking,
silver fingers thrusting out, pleading,
bare tips looking on heaven, expecting.

like manna,
catching in the bends,
brushing branches
clinging to loosened bark and hardened knots.

Whirling, lacing cedar trees.
Tabled outcroppings spreading for feasting.
God steps back and says “It is good. It is pure.”

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About the Author

A storyteller and poet, Amy Taylor considers Eureka Springs her touchstone. She was Assistant Editor for the Ledbetter Monograph Series at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. As a mental health advocate, she served as President of the Arkansas State Hospital Auxiliary. The goal of her current manuscript is to get information to the newly diagnosed and break the chain of stigma which shadows those living with mental illness.

Amy Taylor
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