Love Letters (at the end of all of this)

They continued to write
love letters to each other
after their breakup after their
breakup long after their
breakup and they knew they
were never getting back
together so their love letters
grew intense so intense
more and more intense because
they both understood they would
no longer lead to anything and
they now had the freedom the
complete and utter freedom to
say everything they wanted to in
their love letters because they
were real love letters true love letters
and because nothing waited for them
on the other side at the end of all
of this and because love is often
nothing more than words of love

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About the Author

Bill McCloud’s poetry book, The Smell of the Light: Vietnam, 1968-1969 (Balkan Press), reached #1 on the "Oklahoma Best-Sellers" List (The Oklahoman). Most recently his poems have appeared in Oklahoma Today, Oklahoma English Journal, NOVUS Literary and Arts Journal, Tejascovido, and The Coronameron. He has a poem in the new anthology Bull Buffalo and Indian Paintbrush: The Poetry of Oklahoma (TJMF Publishing), edited by Ron Wallace. Counted among the fans of his poetry are songwriters Graham Nash and Jimmy Webb.

Bill McCloud
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