Oh, These Wires We Place

One bell rings
Where angels wept
Shoulder to shoulder
We came together
To show no fear

I pick up
and easily throw
upon my shoulders
a long white jacket of
patchwork squares
built from bendable wires

Just enough to slip on
over my coat ~
I imagine my plight

I freely
put on this ~ metal jacket
I was left with
no way out

but now I find
it only opens one-way
has no key
no escape
I am locked here
inside this ~ my gated life

I am suppose to
this mountain climb
by just daily living
and fighting the good fight

In this system
where lies and misinformation
shadow box each other
for the prime spot
in our nation’s news

Oh ~ these wires we place
with unhinged malice
escaping any willing action

Now, if only now
hearing the calls of our children
somehow shouldn’t we agree ~

To dare to imagine
a different path
and at the same time

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I am a retired teacher and live in the beautiful Ozarks on Lake Ann in Bella Vista, Arkansas. I think of myself as a beginning author, writer, and poet exploring the worlds of poetry, nature, and photography. I love to capture ordinary moments and reflect upon our natural world and its intersections with our daily life.

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